Mona Machine Corporate

Our company was established in Bayrampasa, 2007. This is a dynamic company of the sector that works in 500m² closed area. With the experience and knowledge that comes from Molding and turnery sectors and a group of experts that works with high technology and production, we produce filling machines for cosmetics, chemistry, food, medicine, and dye sectors.

We are proud to tell that after growing our business in Turkey, we started to  produced machines to customers in countries like Russia, Armenia, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Mona Makine being highly  preferred by the cosmetic producer companies from Turkey and Abroad with the help of the experience and given importance to research-development department.

The journey that started with nail polish filling machine leaded us to produce wax, perfume, varnish, cream, mascara, lip-goos, lipstick filling machines for cosmetic sector.

Mona Makine continues to produce with 3 different way; full automatic, semi-automatic and manual with the combination of high technology and experience that comes from the past.

Our company produces and designs the machines that companies wanted but couldn’t find or have it made and developing them to support the companies.

oje dolum makinası
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